Express 2 Condos from the $500,000's launching May 2022

About Express 2 Condos

A project built to accommodate all lifestyles, Express Condos will be expertly furnished with modern finishing, high ceilings, laminate flooring, and early buyers will be able to customize their kitchen cabinetry, as well as countertops and appliances.

There will be plenty of outdoor space in the development for buyers to enjoy. Every unit will have a balcony, patio or a terrace, and on the 7th floor, in addition to a wi-fi lounge and library, residents will be able to enjoy a beautiful sun deck the perfect place to host guests, or just sunbathe on a warm summer day. Further, a private courtyard will include a special barbecue area for outdoor get togethers. Families will also enjoy a kids playroom, and there will be a private dining room and catering kitchen as well to host dinners, functions, and events.

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Express Condos 2 is notable for its extremely convenient location for drivers. Located directly by the corner of the Highway 401 and the Allen Road, Express Condos 2 is in the epicenter for transit in North York. Take the Allen downtown Toronto easily, or use the 401, Canada’s biggest highway, for simple travel both east and west across the GTA.

The Wilson Heights area of North York has seen a big rise in development, as the area has become a hub for family-friendly development in recent years. Express Condos 2 is also located in some prime locations for buyers looking to live near educational facilities and green spaces. All these elements combine to make the area extremely attractive for buyers of all types, leading to communities of diverse residents and a robust sense of community.

North York is one of the fastest-growing regions of Toronto, and a place where growth is expected to continue for decades. Property values are steadily increasing.



Malibu Investments Inc is proving itself as a valuable builder in the GTA. Determined to beautify the city with their projects, Malibu emphasizes unparalleled aesthetics, and cutting-edge materials and practices to make their projects stand out against the Toronto skyline. Over the past ten years, Malibu has made an impact on the GTA, contributing 3,500 individual units to the housing market of the city. They have strived to incorporate modern art, stunning design, and a standard of living that sits above their industry average. With recent projects like LTD condos on Toronto’s waterfront, and Tableau Condos in Toronto’s popular Entertainment District, Malibu is becoming synonymous with quality condominium development in the GTA.